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Sometimes I wonder why do some people have to fight for everything. And some people just get what they want.

I’m sick and tired of fighting, sick and tired of explaining myself, sick and tired of being rejected because I’m to old already or because I have mental problems, because as a Veteran I worked my butt of for this country.

Now this country is helping veterans to commit suicide, losing there home, work, friends and family.


I don’t know or well I maybe do.
I have a Mark and that Mark is ptsd or moral injury or how you want to call it. You can’t see anything on the outside but on the inside I’m fighting my own battle every day every night and probably for the rest of my life.

I’m on edge of losing everything I have and love because you can’t see what is wrong with me.
And that is maybe the thing that hurts the most of all.

But I’m strong, I’m a survivor and I will fight this battle as long I live.
I will not give up not for my son, my husband, my family, my friends and my Veterans.

I hope some day we get the help we need in every single way it is needed. But until then I will try to keep my head up, my shoulders straight and I will try to help who I can in any way possible.